Mar 17, 2010

Science City, more City than Science

Spring time, equals spring break and some time off work for myself and to spend time with the family. Our first adventure sends us to Union Station in KC MO, to the much advertised Science City. On Monday they offered a five dollar day, our fears of overcrowding were quickly dismissed and there was plenty of room at all the exhibits.We were able to take our time and see and do all the that there was to do, as well as take a snack break at the expensive candy shop next to the souvenir store, before closing.

Science city was great fun for our daughter, the water maze at the city park and the sewer pipe slide were the two favs, though she really did like arresting me at the crime lab! As most kids will, she ran from spot to spot, we as adults felt compelled to make her stop and read about the exhibits, as parents are wont to do.

This was more of a children's museum than an actual science museum and to our pleasant surprise we found many items from the defunct KCK children's museum in use here. Over all, the museum was heavy on the City and light on the science. Several of the exhibits didn't work and there were many maintenance issues. From what I understand, Union Station and Science City run in the red. This has allot to do with our communities not supporting our museums as well as they are supported in other major cities.

Keep your eyes open, the museum seams to be housing what can only be a ufo.

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