Mar 14, 2010

$40,000 Dollar Dowsing Rod

Just about everyone who follows mainstream news knows about the fake bomb detectors.

So there's not much more I can cover, but heres a quick over view what it is and what dowsing is.
Dowsing is the ubiquitous method of finding water under ground. You simply find a long Y shaped stick, hold it under some pressure and let the ideomotor effect take over. Dowsing rods come in all kinds of configurations. The now famous ADE-651 is a great example. These are being sold by a company out of Britain and the  BBC has a great story on it.

So what really is there to talk about? Often I am told that superstitious beliefs are harmless why don't I just let people have there beliefs and leave them alone. Or I'm just a crotchety old bastard that likes to argue. Well I'm not crotchety but I do like to debate certain subjects especially the intricacies of science. I also love to check up on the facts of a subject.

Not to long ago there was a email zipping around about the new coins and how thy were leaving of "In God We Trust". This fate was about the worse thing to happen to America ever "at no time in our history have we ever not been under the umbrella of God and removing this is going to end his all mighty protection" it went on and on. Well not being one to leave a false statement alone, I quickly wrote a quick history on the motto "In God We Trust" and included a jpeg of several bills with out the in question motto.
I also pointed out how the coin issue was merely a stamping error and if you had any of these coins to hang on to them they might be valuable. I then hit "reply all" since no one deletes all the headers on fwd emails this amounted to my Server showing their guide lines on spamming to me. I received many replies my favorite showing up on this sunshine with flowers and bunnies as the background and the words "GET A LIFE" in 24 point text.

Though this seams to be a long and twisted way to make my point, which is people want to believe in silly ass shit, even after being confronted with real evidence. Take for example the "birthers" who believe our President was not born in Hawaii (on that email I received a reply that money can get you anything). These silly beliefs set up a mental condition that allows normal rationally smart people to accept silly and now deadly beliefs in nothing more than a piece of plastic and an antenna. This has cost lives. Anti-vaxers cost lives. People do die from the flu, people do die from the measles and chickenpox, and now people do die from dowsing rods??????????????WTF

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