Oct 20, 2010

Creationism, Young Earth and Politics

Does anyone really take fundamentalist claims seriously? Really? Why is it important? What should we do about it?

Christine O'Donnell is a perfect reason why this is important.

So is Sarah Palin 

Why is this important.

Whooping cough and an epidemic resurgence of diseases that are preventiable with vacines.

Thanks to a campaign of don't trust your local scientist, people like Jenny McCarthy have convinced millions of people to not get vaccinated. Now children are dyeing of a preventible disease.

Thanks to tireless hard work by millians of us and a constant challenge to the Discovery Institute, they are now on the ropes and resorting to "it's all that atheist Hitler's fault" attacks.

What can we do?

Join your local skeptics group, add your voice to the few and make them many.
See an article, a news show, or  adds that portray false facts, leads to false conclusions or is just an out right lie, Write, blog or just be vocal. We all need to raise our voice and be heard.

A perfect example;

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