Dec 30, 2009

Ten Question for the Non-Rationale in Your Life

I began this log with a project of mine, how to bring a scientific point of view to the world. Mostly for those who see the world as a place of cartoon physics instead of the real world of actions and reactions. My first real quandary was after watching the Pink Panther step out of a falling elevator, just as it hit the ground, unscathed. I was a kid. I knew something was wrong but could not figure out why it was wrong. This lead to the discovery of inertia through the sacrifice of several raw eggs.

I am often bemused when others are unable to see, what is clearly evident to me. Often due to this odd mental myopia, some will come to the strangest of conclusions based on the weirdest mental twisting. Trying to find a way to open others eyes has lead me to many different approaches of explaining how the world works based on physical principles not imaginary forces.
This has led me to my Ten Questions, of which I have presently only three I'm still working on the other seven.

Tomorrow I will post The first.

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